AM Trading Group


Rambla Catalunya 38 8º Pl.

08007 Barcelona - España


Phone: +34 902 627 818

Mobile: +34 637 469 307

Skype: adrian.meucci

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AM Trading Group

added value:

experience and knowledge of the market value Spanish, Argentine and American Center, at the time of export or import, allowing a greater search for business oportunities from these countries to the world.

selected products: to be commercialized in the market international.


outstanding suppliers: to generate links to long term (taking into account quality, prices and production volumes).

logistics: from the beginning to the boarding.


consolidation: the goods to export or import.


deposits: in destination or transit.

supply: allowing for better planning in the medium and long term.


private brands: oriented towards our customers, thereby reducing the high costs of imposition of a new brand in the market.


knowledge: on agreements of tariffs, generalized systems of preferences, health restrictions, etc.